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Maintainability and Shareability… The hidden demons

When you're learning to code, you normally focus on making the thing do what you want it to do. Once you have that under control, you focus on making it work faster and more efficient. Then you actually start to more actively use and design patterns and you start to appreciate their beauty. And that's it for most people, at that point you're probably a senior developer with good ...  leer más

Distributed configuration of an OSGI app with ZooKeeper

So, I'm working on an application using the OSGI environment. As with any app that will see  the light of day and run in a production environment you need to make it both scalable and fault tolerant. OSGI implementations like Equinox are very well tested and stable, but a hard drive can always go bad, or the cleaning lady could always unplug a network cable, so you're never really ...  leer más

Welcome to OSGI land

Lately I've been able to play around with loads of new technologies/frameworks (new to me, of course). Among these I should probably mention: JGroups, Hazelcast, Neo4J... But the one I'm working more these days is OSGI. I find OSGI particularly interesting because it solves one of the big drawbacks I saw to development in Java: deployment and management of component versioning (something that's not a problem in scripting languages ...  leer más

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