Paolo Ragone

Paolo Ragone
Paolo Ragone

My name is Paolo Ragone, and this is my personal blog. It currently has 7 posts in 7 categories which combinedly have 4330 words, which will take an average reader ( WPM) approximately 21.65 minutes to read. There are 5 featured posts, you should definitely check those out. The most recent post is “The discipline of Product Management” which was published on . The last commit was on Tuesday, 09 Aug 2016 at 03:25 PM UTC.

  • I studied System Engineering, and Mathematics
  • I’ve been leading technology teams since 1999
  • I’ve been managing top sites since 2006
  • I’ve been leveraging the power of computers to better lives since 1989
  • I’ve been creating solutions since I was born

My PGP Public key (Fingerprint=49B8 6440 B41A ABB0 4B8A 8E25 1601 7321 4171 99B6)